An innovative program for disease prevention.

Created by Ciara Sejour, Naina Kumar, 
and Dagny Bachman

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Public transport closures

In places with public transportation closures, cases seemed to slow. Although most cities shut down transportation, there was still 8% that did not initially take action.

Workplace closures

School closures

Most schools and offices were fully shutdown following March 13, 2020 in the United States. 

COVID Prevention Measures

This includes the amount of people in each age category that wore face masks, washed and sanitized hands, kept 6 feet distance, cancelled/postponed pleasure, social, or recreational activities, avoided public or crowded places, and/or avoided some or all restaurants.

COVID-19 Deaths vs Age

As you can see the largest area for death was the under 24. This is contrary to the popular belief that younger people are immune or cannot be killed by COVID-19.

Vaccine Doses Administered by State

This includes the amount of vaccines administered per state (hover your cursor over each state to get the amount of vaccines administered for that state)

Percent of Men and Women who Received the Booster

Percent of Men and Women who Received Dose 1

Solutions for a Future Pandemics:

  • Age Group Gaps
    • We saw the lowest participation in COVID-19 prevention from ages 18-24. A goal for the future would be to have more engagement from that portion of the population. 

  • Gender gaps
    • We found that more females got vaccinations compared to males. A goal for the future would be to mitigate this gap by really emphasizing the importance of vaccinations to men.

  • Reaction Time
    • Throughout the pandemic, we witnessed as things were delayed and information was withheld from the public. It took close to a month for the mask mandate to start. In addition, many were considered in the dark as to how to protect themselves and their family from the pandemic.